3 Benefits of Installing a Chimney Cap

3 Benefits of Installing a Chimney Cap

At the first glance, you assume that the term “Chimney” means the entire structure from top to bottom. Many home owners may be surprised to know that the chimney is made up of lots of components. This article will discuss a part at the top of the chimney that can easily get overlooked. Even though it is small, you should know the benefits of having one.

The Basics

Before you can understand why you need one, it’s important to explain what a chimney cap is. For starters, is located at the very top of the chimney, typically a metal structure that covers the opening on top. However, they can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to match your chimney and your home’s exterior.

The cap provides many useful functions to the entire structure despite its’ humble appearance.

The Benefits

  1. Prevents Animals– having a chimney cap prevents animals from entering the flue. Common invaders include birds, bees, squirrels and even raccoons. These animals often try to make a home your chimney. Once they are inside, your chimney can experience blockages and nuisances like animal droppings, feathers and debris. Avoid these potential issues by topping your flue with the protective chimney cap.
  2. Arrest Sparks – Chimney caps are useful for controlling sparks if and preventing fires. Sometimes, a fire can throw sparks and cinders up the chimney and out the flue. These dangerous sparks can ignite leaves or debris on your roof and then catch the roof aflame. The mesh cage beneath the cap will capture these sparks and prevent them from leaving the system and igniting the roof.
  3. Prevent Water– No one wants water in their chimney. If you allow water to enter, it can lead to damage that can cost thousands to repair. Having a chimney cap prevents rain from entering the chimney, preventing mold, mildew, and damage to the liner because the rain runs off the cap instead of straight inside.


The proper installation of the chimney cap is vital to ensuring that everything is in good order. If it is not, the cap can become useless. Get peace of mind by having a chimney cap professionally installed by the Fireplace and Chimney Authority team to maximize the benefits.

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