Gas Fireplace Cleaning & Inspection

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Gas Fireplace Cleaning

We offer gas fireplace clean and checks for all makes and models of Direct Vent and B-Vent fireplaces. Like any gas appliance in your home, your gas fireplace should be cleaned and inspected yearly for safety and efficiency of your fireplace.

When we clean and inspect Direct Vent Fireplaces, we first remove the glass and inspect and clean the glass, pilot system, gas valve, thermocouple, gas logs, burners, wiring and venting to ensure complete safety for the upcoming season.

Our certified technicians will first, come into your home and tarp the work area off and start the fireplace tune-up and inspection.

  • Glass: Remove glass and clean.
  • Pilot: Clean and Check.
  • Gas Valve: Test for proper operation.
  • Thermocouple/Thermopile: Clean and Check.
  • Gas Logs: Check for breakage and layout.
  • Burners: Clean and Check.
  • Wiring: Check for deterioration.
  • Thermostat/Remote: Check batteries and for proper operation.
  • Venting: Check for proper draft and configuration.
  • Also check blower wheel and Combustion Chamber on certain models.
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Our certified technicians offer comprehensive clean and check services for gas fireplaces. This includes yearly safety and efficiency assessments, with removal and inspection of internal components, covering the glass, pilot system, gas valve, thermocouple, gas logs, burners, wiring, and venting, as well as specific checks on certain models.

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