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Chimney Liner

Chimney Liners, or Flue Liners, are a detrimental component to any healthy chimney. Often, these might be referred to as the Fireplace Liner or Furnace Liner as well.

Fireplace and Chimney Authority has been re-lining Chimneys for over 28 years. If you start seeing peeling wallpaper, blistering paint, stains on the ceiling or crumbling brick your Liner is most likely in need of replacement.

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A Chimney Liner insulates the chimney and puts a stop to flue gasses from entering your home. Not only that, a Chimney Liner increases the entire structural stability of the chimney. It eases maintenance and improves fuel efficiency saving you time and money. All of this combined significantly increases the safety of your chimney and fireplace.

Chimney Liners

Fireplace & Chimney Authority has been re-lining chimneys in the Chicago land area for over 28 years. Being experts in both chimney and fireplaces, we offer a large variety of options from new lining systems, gas or wood inserts and a variety of vent-free products. Depending on your desire of a gas burning, wood burning or electric fireplaces, will determine which course of action we will take to give you the fireplace you desire. We offer no charge liner estimates and second opinion evaluations as well. Let our trained staff help you decide what is right for you and your family.

Fireplace Liners

Fireplace liners come in many shapes and sizes. It is also important the proper lining system be installed in your fireplace. First, we evaluate the fireplace and height of the chimney to determine what size liner and materials are need to ensure safety. Ensuring that the flue of your chimney is properly lined, is the most important aspects of caring for your chimney. All in all, the liner both ensures that the by products from combustion properly ventilate. Also, the exterior of the chimney (whether masonry or wood), is protected from these by products.

When Should I Get My Chimney Relined?

There are several instances where a chimney should be relined. First, there is no liner installed in the first place, before knowledge of chimney’s advanced, many were installed in the early 1900’s without a liner of any sort. Modern building code requires that this be remedied. Second, if the existing liner has deteriorated, if the clay flue tile lining has shifted, cracked or broken. Finally, a new liner can be used to resize a flue to the proper opening size of the fireplace.

We use a high grade stainless steel liners that offer a lifetime warranty to ensure your family enjoys the fireplace for years to come.

At Fireplace & Chimney Authority, we have installed thousands of furnace chimney liners. Offering stainless steel and aluminum liner options. We are Chicago lands choice for furnace liners and offer free estimates.

Furnace Liners

Furnace and hot water heater liners are often overlooked and often cause severe damage to the home. Appliances fueled by natural gas deposit corrosive substances into your chimney. Therefore, this may cause havoc on your chimney eventually leading to a costly repair and possibly dangerous.

With today’s higher efficient furnaces and water heaters, the original flue size is too large. To sum up, it doesn’t keep flue gases warm enough and creates breakdown of the interior of the chimney.

When Do I Need a New Liner?

New liners are needed upon changing out of new appliances or the interior of the chimney is allowing flue gases into the chimney itself. Symptoms a furnace liner is needed includes damp on exterior or interior walls, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint, stains on the ceiling, white stains on outside of chimney, eroded mortar joint and crumbling bricks.

At Fireplace & Chimney Authority, we have installed thousands of furnace chimney liners. Offering stainless steel and aluminum liner options, we are Chicago lands choice for furnace liners and offer free estimates.

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