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Energy Top Plus Hybrid Damper & Cap

Chimney Caps provide protection against natural hazards and debris while Chimney Dampers essentially act as a seal, and are able to prevent air loss and down drafts.

Fireplace and Chimney Authority offers a wide variety of Chimney Caps from stainless steel, copper and galvanized metal. Our Chimney Caps come in various sizes, shapes and colors to fit any size chimney flue. Our Energy Top and Energy Top Plus Dampers are American made and the best in quality and durability.

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Chimney Caps are designed to fit the top of your chimney almost like a lid. Chimney Caps not only prevent rain from falling straight down the flue system, they also keep debris from falling and forming. Without a Chimney Cap your chimney will take damage over time which will put your home safety at risk.

Chimney Dampers are an incredibly important component to a healthy chimney. Dampers prevent air loss and down drafts, making sure that hot air does not escape from your home and cold air doesn’t get in. Sometimes, a Chimney Damper can serve as a Chimney Cap as well, like the Energy Top Plus Damper.

Chimney Caps

We offer a large variety of chimney caps from stainless steel, copper and galvanized metal. Our chimney caps come in various sizes and colors to fit any chimney flue. We also provide custom chimney caps to cover multiple flues while adding beauty and protection to any chimney.

Why Chimney Caps are Important

Chimney caps, also commonly called chimney covers, add protection to the interior of your chimney from animals, nesting, rain and snow. Weather is one, if not the number one causing problem for chimney problems. Also, chimney caps act as a spark arrestor, which breaks sparks before landing on your roof. Protect your chimney today and have one of our chimney cap installers give you a free quote.

Chimney Dampers

Serving Chicago land for 28 years, we have installed thousands of new fireplace dampers throughout northern Illinois. We offer American made, lifetime warranty Energy Top and Energy Top plus damper, which are second to none for quality and durability.

Why are Dampers Important?

Our new damper systems replace your current rusted out or warped damper and add four season protection for your chimney. With this, it helps keep cold out and heated air from escaping your home. They come with a easily accessible handle, which mounts inside of the fireplace and serves as a chimney cap when they are closed.

We offer no charge estimates for all damper repair or damper replacement projects!

Chimney Fans

When your fireplace does not draft properly due to poor design, chimney not built to proper height, draft issues, improperly sized flues or negative pressure in the home the Enervex chimney fan will solve the problem. Enervex has been in business since 1990, making solutions for fireplaces where proper draft is an issue. With many styles and sizes available, let our chimney professionals decide what is the right fit for your fireplace.

We have been installing Enervex fans since the 1990’s and have had great success with reactivating fireplaces for many homeowner and businesses throughout the Chicagoland market.

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