Protect Your Chimney With Crown Safe

Protect Your Chimney With Crown Safe

What is Crown Safe?

Crown Safe is a high-performing elastic sealant that is an easy use so that you can just brush on. It is designed to stop water intrusion into masonry chimney crowns with a rubber-like flexibility design. Not only is Crown Safe a good use for chimney crowns, but it can also stop water intrusion on roofs and other building surfaces.

Crown Safe’s fibered method constructs a clear, see-through finish making it completely flexible. The formula makes it highly resistant to tears, shears, stress and weathering. You can apply Crown Safe in extreme weather conditions and temperatures because of its unique properties. Crown Safe is a one step process, no primers or pre-coats needed.

Why Choose Crown Safe?

Crown Safe has many benefits that go above and beyond their competitors. Crown Safe easily applies, all you need to do is brush off loose debris then brush on Crown Safe! It has a “see-through” finish which preserves the look of the chimney crown. With their formula, it prevents the “cupcake frosting” look from other products that some may not like.

A key feature to Crown Safe that makes it even easier is that you do not need primers or pre-coats, even when it is cold or raining! Crown Safe applies easily to any chimney crown in any weather condition. Wet conditions, and cold conditions to temperatures all the way down to negative forty degrees. It is not a problem for Crown Safe.

It also has a better coverage than any other competitor. Crown Safe covers up to eighty square feet per gallon, making it better than any other product. You get more for less! A one gallon bucket of Crown Safe costs under $100. Other products are far higher priced with given less of a cover up than Crown Safe.

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