What to Consider When Choosing your Fireplace Door

What to Consider When Choosing your Fireplace Door

There are many options to choose from when selecting the right door for you and your fireplace. It is important to provide your fireplace with a door to better contain fires. Also, to add a stylish finish to the focal point to your living space. Fireplace doors help regulate heat, contain smoke and prevent sparks from flying out.

Masonry or Prefabricated Fireplace?

Before you start choosing a fireplace door, you need to know if you have a masonry fireplace or a prefabricated fireplace. A masonry fireplace is constructed using brick, cement or natural stone that is held with a bonding agent. It also requires a stone or brick chimney. Prefabricated fireplaces are factory built and can be installed more quickly than masonry fireplaces. Another plus with a prefabricated fireplace is that you can install them where you are not able to build an extensive foundation.

Measuring your Fireplace

The reason for knowing what type of fireplace you have before choosing a door is because masonry doors are designed differently than prefabricated doors. With prefab units the door frame cannot cover up the air inlets. Therefore, all prefab doors must be customized. Fitting the doors properly is obviously important, it’ll also help determine if you need a custom or stock door. The difference between the two doors is that stock doors overlap the fireplace opening. While, custom doors fit inside the fireplace opening. There are many styles that will compliment your living space, our goal is to have you happy with your choice!

Choosing Fireplace Doors

It is all up to you and your preference for how your door will come out to look. You can choose many styles such as traditional, modern and contemporary that fit right with your decor. It isn’t just the door itself you can select from, you can customize the handle style, color and glass tint.

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