Benefits of Fireplace Doors

Benefits of Fireplace Doors

When it comes to your fireplace, typically there are only two reasons people want to make improvements to their hearth; safety or beauty. Today’s topic is one that has the potential to combine the two. Fireplace doors offer both protection and design appeal for your fireplace that will provide years of enjoyment.



Having a Fireplace Door can help keep your family safe, while assuring that you reduce your risk of an accidental fire.

For example, burning logs can present more hazards than you realize. During the fire, logs start to shift after the fire dies down and ash begins setting in. Having a fireplace door and screen will help prevent danger by keeping all the fire inside the fireplace. Since the burning logs are safely nestled behind the glass, you can reduce the risk of a log rolling out accidentally.

Logs aren’t the only thing that can make an escape while you’re enjoying a fire. The other thing homeowners should think about are stray sparks. Installing glass doors with an included screen provides a barrier to keep everything in. Sparks may pop off the burning logs and embers and can go flying into your living area. As a result, these sparks could set your furniture or carpet on fire. By installing Fireplace Doors, you can assure that sparks and embers remain inside the fireplace where they belong.



In the winter, you want the warm heat from your hearth to circulate in your home as effectively as possible. What if we told you that a large amount of heat escapes through your chimney instead of circulating in your home? Would you be shocked? Well, it’s true!

While we do recommend that you should enjoy the fire with the doors open and with the screen on. It’s important to note that after you are done enjoying your cozy fire, closing the doors will keep all of that valuable heat inside.

Doors help you keep heat within your house, instead of escaping out through the chimney. Consequently, you can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home because you are increasing efficiency. Having Fireplace Doors assures that you get to use more of the valuable heat you are producing from the fire. As a result, you could see a reduction in your energy bill!





No matter what style you prefer in your home, there are multitudes of door options and styles to suit your individual taste. Customization is unlimited with the combinations of door styles, finishes and glass options that are available to make the perfect door for fireplace.

They can be centerpieces of a room especially in traditional style homes. If you have fire logs and accessories around your fireplace, a fireplace door is a great way to reduce the cluttered feel, create cohesion and define the area of the fireplace. Next time you’re looking to update the look of your room, consider how a door could change the mood of your entire space!


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