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Hey there BBQ lovers! Circle the date on your calendar – Sunday, June 25th – for the ultimate BBQ experience! Get ready to learn some new and exciting BBQ techniques on the Primo Charcoal Grill. You’ll also have the chance to savor some of the best BBQ dishes cooked up by our amazing chefs, including guest chef, William Horst & Mike Radosevich! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this event! See you there!

Sample unique creations made with the incredible Primo BBQ line of ceramic grills. Tickets include:

  • Hamburger or hot dog grilled to perfection on a Primo BBQ Grill.
  • Enjoy a soft drink and a bag of chips along with your meal.
  • Samplings of other items created with a Primo.
  • Tips and tricks from our group of professional chefs –  read more below.
  • Event Exclusive Special Offers


About William Horst:

William Horst is a passionate grill master who has taken his love for BBQ to the next level. William formed a BBQ competition team called “Packin’ Heat BBQ” and achieved great success. However, he wanted to challenge himself even further and explore more exciting ways to grill. This led him to start an Instagram page, where he shares his journey and the recipes he comes up with. William is constantly inspired by the ideas he sees online and is committed to becoming better at what he loves to do.


About Mike Radosevich:

Mike Radosevich, a BBQ enthusiast and the Co-Founder of Code3spices. With a passion for grilling and a love for creating unique spice blends, Mike co-founded Code3spices, a company that offers a wide range of BBQ rubs and seasonings. Mike’s dedication to the art of BBQ is evident in the quality of his products and his commitment to helping others elevate their grilling game. Whether he’s cooking up a storm on his own grill or sharing his knowledge with others, Mike is always eager to spread his love for BBQ.

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