Stoll Direct Vent Reface

DV ReFace

Rennovate your Direct Vent fireplace with the DV ReFace.

Beauty... Direct Vent gas fireplaces are a popular option in today’s home. They are an efficient source of heat, but many do not offer stylish door and screen options. Stoll’s DV ReFace Collection is the perfect solution to transform your standard “black box” into a showpiece.

Safety… Direct Vent fireplaces have sealed glass fronts that can become extremely hot. Our “snap on” magnetic installation makes it simple to keep loved ones and pets away from the hot surface of the fireplace. DV ReFace screens meet all ventilation requirements of the fireplace manufacturer.

Custom… Stoll doors and screens are custom made to fit each individual fireplace. Accent any decor with your choice of decorative door designs, finishes, and louver designs. For a more personal touch, order custom laser-cut scenese or designs of your own imagination.

ReImagine . ReDesign . ReFace

Louver Options

Select from your louver designs pictured below, or order personalized louvers of your own design, your name, or other personal text.

Stoll ReFace Louver Options

Integrated Hood Option

Stoll ReFace Integrated Hood

The Integrated Hood option provides protection to the mantel or fireplace surround by directing heat away from those surfaces. The Integrated Hood is essentially part of the main frame, finished in the same matching color.

DV ReFace Specifications
  • Main Frame: Any
  • Frame Width: Any
  • Frame Depth: 3/4″
  • ZC Venting: Louvers
  • Gaps in Glass: n/a
  • Powder Coat and Premium Finishes
  • Standard 10 Day Production
  • Custom 4 -6 Week Production
DV ReFace Models
  • Traditional Screen: flat screen, no louvers
  • Fixed Screen: flat screen w/ louvers
  • Essential Door: cabinet mesh doors
  • Working Door: regular doors w/ mesh insert
  • Artisan Screen: unique “lift-off” screen panel
  • Craftsman Screen: flat screen, aged iron frame
  • Craftsman Door: single door, aged iron frame