Prince Louis Limestone Mantel Surround

Regal Beauty

The distinctive appearance of natural products adds value and marketability to any project. The beauty and elegance of stone and other natural materials enhance your home and business to make them stand out against the competition. Fireplace & Chimney Authority is proud to offer some of the finest natural stone products crafted here in the U.S.A.

Create a luxurious lovely atmosphere in your home. The Prince Louis Natural Limestone Fireplace Mantel Surround embodies the stone carving styles of classic Europe.  Master craftsmen designed the Prince Louis with a blend of classic Baroque curved shapes and French traditional style carvings to display the beauty and style typical of French aristocrats in the days of King Louis XIV.







 78 ¾”

Shelf Depth


Heath Depth


Firebox Dim.

 50”W x 37”H Max.

Color: Claro Honed