Nueva Plaza Limestone Mantel Surround

Ornamental Beauty

The distinctive appearance of natural products adds value and marketability to any project. The beauty and elegance of stone and other natural materials enhance your home and business to make them stand out against the competition. Fireplace & Chimney Authority is proud to offer some of the finest natural stone products crafted here in the U.S.A

The Nueva Plaza is one of our most versatile mantel. With its optional features, you can completely change the overall look of your masterpiece. Carved ornamentations and fluted columns add a very traditional style to the mantel. Whereas, the option to remove the flutes and carvings, allow for a modern look. This mantel is recommended in a honed finish. However, it is also available in a sandblasted finish.






51 5/8”

51 5/8”

51 5/8”


60 ¾”

66 ¾”

72 ¾”

Shelf Depth




Heath Depth




Firebox Dim.

37 7/8”W x 39”H Max.

43 7/8”W x 39”H Max.

49 7/8”W x 39”H Max.

Claro Honed & Sandblasted

Latte Honed

Latte Sandblasted

Manteca Honed & Sandblasted

Antique White Honed

Antique White Sandblasted