Lone Star Charcoal Grill

Extra Wide BBQ Grill

The Good One Lone Star Grill comes equipped with a removable ash pan that easily slides out making clean up a breeze. With two expanded steel grill grates the Lone Star offers a whopping 800 square inches of cooking area. It has air control on both the top and bottom making air flow manageable. The twist-style air intakes on the bottom of the firebox make adjustments simple and repeatable. Adjustable fire tray which allows you to raise and lower the coals to virtually eliminating dreaded “cold spots”.  Finished in high-temperature paint, it has a lid made of 14 gauge steel (11 gauge body) making it obvious that this grill is built to last. It produces the absolute best professional level quality of food with a grill that still easily fits into anyone’s backyard.  If you’re serious about charcoal grilling this is the grill you want.

  • Slide out ash pan.
  • It is constructed with 11-gauge body and 14 gauge lid.
  • Air control top and bottom.
  • Adjustable fire pan raises and lowers for heat adjustment.
  • Bolt on front shelf.
  • Pull out handles for moving.
  • High temperature paint.
  • Cool touch handles.
  • Air spinners.

Overall Dimensions

 47in W x 37in D x 45in H

Grill Grate Size

 33in W x 24.25in D 

Overall Cooking Area

 800sq in

Cooking Grate Material

 Expanded steel


 282 lbs.

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