Charcoal BBQ Smoker

Commercial Quality

A commercial quality smoker that is all stainless steel with high capacity. It features 5 cooking grids for a total of 1640 square inches of cooking area, and can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees. The door has two locking latches and heavy duty gaskets to keep the heat in and ensure an even cooking temperature. Features multiple air shutters for precise temperature control and a digital thermometer with food probe in the door to monitor your food as it cooks. Thermometer also features a timer and several different alarms to ensure your food does not over cook, and the built-in drip tray makes clean up a breeze. Large storage drawer underneath the unit is provided to store you cooking tools.

– All 304 Stainless Steel
– Digital thermometer with meat probe for precision temperature control
– Dual top smoke stack ventilation for controlled and accurate airflow
– Spacious stainless steel adjustable racks to hold large meats or cook multiple foods
– Bottom door for additional airflow
– Front drip tray that can be used for the collection of juices
– Optional storage base drawer for tools or other storage
– Gravity fed fuel loading
– Intake from rear bottom heat chamber for better airflow
– Temperature range 0-450°F
– Cooking Capacity 6 Cubic feet.
– Triple wall insulated body, and double wall lid, for concentrated heat
– Electric requirements (for thermometer) 3V (2 x AA batteries)
– Constructed of 100% stainless steel with 2″ of insulation
– Use charcoal, wood chunks or wood pallet for fuel

Smoker Type:






Number Of Racks:

5 Racks



Smoker And Grill:


Meat Smoker:



285 lbs.

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