Van Buren Premium Fireplace

Van Buren B-Vent Fireplaces combine modern technology with traditional venting to create the appearance and performance of a conventional fireplace but with the convenience of gas.

Our B-Vent systems let you prolong the flicker of the flames without overheating your room.  The BVD-34 input is 21,000 Btu; the BVD-36 is 25,000 Btu; and the Premium BVP-42 is 30,000 Btu.

The hand-painted ceramic fiber Log Set features large logs, arranged to fill the fireplace and complement the flames.

Our deep Premium 42-inch B-Vent fireplace features our Slope Glaze Burner – the industry standard for great looking flames.  Ceramic glazed pellets in the burner tumble and swirl the gas to produce a natural flickering fire.

Van Buren fireplaces come with matte black slat louvers (except flush front models), and operable curtain screens.

Our B-Vent fireplace features hem-bent seams that provide a better seal while eliminating dozens of screws and fasteners.  The result is a lighter, more rigid box that’s easier to install.


Options & Accessories

Choose louvers in slat, arched, and mission – finished in matte black or hammered pewter. Matching door sets and frames complete the look.

Optional automatic blower and optional variable-speed control may be used on louvered models.


 Decorative Louvers

Decorative Louver Arch

Decorative Louver Arch


Decorative Louver Mission

Decorative Louver Mission


Decorative Doors – Include Handles

(Requires Rectangle Frame with Barrier Screen)

Decorative Door Plain Rectangle


Outer Frame and Bottom Trim Colors

Matte Black (Shown on Cherry Mantel)


Hammered Pewter (Shown on Oak Mantel)



Herringbone Brick Liner (Ceramic Fiber)


Aged Brick Liner (Ceramic Fiber)