Stoll Bar Iron Collection

Bar Iron Collection

Bar Iron construction allows for design and creativity not possible on our Original frames. The main frame profile is reduced to a trim 3/16” allowing the door to blend seamlessly with the fireplace, without sacrificing strength and durability. The bar iron material allows Stoll to take full advantage of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) & the latest laser cutting technology. Custom tailored doors can be mounted inside the opening or overlapping the opening depending on your preference. They can also fit virtually any size or shape fireplace and incorporate special decorative elements into the main frame and/or door frames.


Bar Iron Collection Glass Doors


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Sidelight & Transom – Oil Rubbed Bronze Laser-cut Text and Logo Traditional CenterBar Doors

 Glass-backed sidelights and transoms add additional detail and interest. They work especially well with large fireplace openings where the doors are reduced in size for ease of handling.

– Specifications:

Main Frame: 3/16″ Bar Iron

Frame Width: Any

Frame Depth: 3/16″

Powder Coat, Overlay and Premium Finishes

Mesh Spark Screen


                                          Door Designs:

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