Bidore Gas Fireplace Series

Stunning View From All Corners

A stunning, frameless, two-sided corner direct vent gas fireplace, the Bidore features a clean lines and contemporary design.  All glass corners allow an unobstructed view of this modern gas fireplace. Available in three models: Bidore 95 MKII, Bidore 100H, and Bidore 140 MKII.

The Bidore 95 and 140 comes standard with all MKII features such as designer trim, improved tube-style burners, and the E-Save Control System which can save up to 40% on fuel consumption. More MKII Details

95 MKII 100H 140 MKII
Gas Type
Natural Gas or Propane
Heat Input (Natural Gas) 17,050 – 36,200 BTU/hr  15,025 – 34,145 BTU/hr 19,000 – 51,000 BTU/hr
Heat Input (LPG) 13,650 – 32,400 BTU/hr 17,075 – 34,145 BTU/hr 20,500 – 46,000 BTU/hr
Viewable Opening 36″ W x 16-11/16″ H 38-5/16″ W x 29-1/2″ H 54-5/8″ W x 16-5/8″ H
Please refer to the Installation Manual for more information
Approximate Fireplace Weight
280 lbs. 265 lbs. 285 lbs.
Requires 5″ x 8″ direct vent
Flame Adjustment
Anthracite Flat Black or Optional Reflective Black
Wall Switch
Remote Control
Electronic Ignition
ANSI Z21.11.50a-2008, CSA 2.22a-2008 – Vented Gas Fireplaces
79.4% 76.6% 80.6%

Element4 fireplaces feature unique Fire Media options, which sit directly in the flames.

Fire Media

 Fire Media 95 MKII 100H 140 MKII
Black Quartz
x x
Carrara Pebbles x x
Clear Glass x x
Grey Stone x x
Log Set
x x x


– Convection air openings are fitted on the sides of the fireplace chase to avoid very high temperatures within the chase. Built-in dimension (H x W).

– You’re free to use your own trims. The opening for Bidore 95 and 100H must be at least 50 square inches and for Bidore 140 must be at least 77 square inches of unrestricted opening.

– Access door for Element4 frameless gas fires for mounting the gas control block. Outer frame dimensions: 8-3/8” W x 11-1/4” H.

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