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Fixing a Smoky Fireplace

Is your fireplace letting smoke into your room? A smoky fireplace is a nuisance and a downright danger because fireplace smoke carries odorless but deadly carbon monoxide. Diagnosing the cause of your smoky fireplace, or back puffing, is essential to finding the most efficient and cost effective solution to your back puffing. 



Here's what to do if your fireplace smokes: 


First, if your fireplace smokes only when you first light your fire, the solution is simple and free! You merely need to warm up your chimney's flue before you light the fire. Tightly roll a piece of newspaper, light one end like a torch, and hold it inside your fireplace as high as you can. Then immediately light your fire. The pre-warmed flue will ensure the smoke goes up the flue instead of into the room. 


If the fireplace allows smoke to escape into your room on windy days, the answer is to install a Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap.


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