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John Henry Stuffed Buck Shrimp Recipe

John Henry's Stuffed Buck Shrimp Recipe 


Rubs can be purchased in our Lisle Showroom. 


Seasonings that you can choose from for this recipe:

1. Papa Charlie's Rub Seasoning

2. Nedra D's Hickory Rub Seasoning

3. Apple Chipotle Rub



1. 12 Large Shrimp

2. 4 Tbsp. seasoning (season to your taste)

3. 5 fresh jalapeno peppers; julienned

4. 1/4 lb. Mozzarella cheese; julienned 

5. 6 thin slices hickory-smokes bacon

6. 1 dozen of toothpicks

7. 2 oz. Cuz'n Buddy's Basting and Marinade Sauce


Directions: Clean and de-vein shrimp; leave tails on. Place one sliver of jalapeno pepper in middle of butterfly opening. Place one slice of cheese on top and wrap 1/4 slice bacon around entire shrimp, holding cheese and jalapeno inside. 


Secure contents with toothpick. (Practice makes perfect). Marinate in a baking tin or plastic bag 4-12 hours. Set grill or smoker to medium heat. Grill slowly or quickly. (Shrimp will cook in 3 minutes when cooked slowly; 1 1/2 minutes when cooked quickly.) Serve with Honey Barbecue sauce. Serves 2 guests.

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