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Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent Fireplaces have taken over the market in the past decade, and have become amongst the most popular hearth appliances offered in the industry. There is no question that one of their many advantages over wood-burning fireplaces is their relatively low maintenance. However, like any appliance in the home, direct vent fireplaces should be consistently maintained to ensure proper appearance and function. Any direct vent fireplace endures what is known as a “burn-off period” after its installation. During that time, all factory oils, fine dust and debris, construction dust and etc. will combust with the first fire of the direct vent. This burn-off is harmless to people, however, the glass and potentially some interior fireplace components will experience visible build-up as a result of this process. Included in any normal installation of a direct vent fireplace, Fireplace and Chimney Authority performs annual cleanings for many customers to ensure their unit is 100% for those cold Midwest nights. Additionally, several of the smaller components of your direct vent fireplace are not meant to last forever. Small, relatively inexpensive components such as a thermocouple or a wiring harness are capable of malfunctioning over a period of time. When these parts malfunction, your unit will not function properly, or may not start at all. Fireplace and Chimney Authority works with a variety of manufacturers and distributors to access all components from fireplace manufacturers still in existence. Fireplace and Chimney Authority is happy to service your direct vent fireplace whether or not it was purchased from us. With new installations of direct vent fireplaces, we also offer a maintenance and extended warranty agreements to make future service simple and cost effective. Please call us at (630) 279-9500 to schedule your appointment with one of our qualified, certified and service technicians.





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