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Higher Heating Costs Forces Many to Consider Alternatives


As many Southern New Englanders try to figure out how to save money on heat this upcoming winter, some are ditching their boilers for a clean burning pellet stove.


Frederickson Farm in North Scituate has 40 stoves to install before Thanksgiving.


"People are coming in asking us all kinds of questions on how they can curb their oil costs," said Howard Frederickson, pellet stove dealer.


Frederickson said a 40 pound bag of wood pellets will heat a house for an entire day. The bag costs about $6.


"We just explain to (people), you're burning a tank of oil. You'll burn approximately a ton of pellets. So a tank of oil is $1,000. A ton of pellets is $295," Frederickson said.


He said the start up costs for a pellet stove run about $4,500, including installation.


A more expensive, but conventional, heating switch is converting an oil furnace to natural gas.


The start up costs for a natural gas system is about $6,500, but many customers are hooking up.


"It's nearby in northeast New England. It's going to be there for a longtime. It's accessible. It's not given to political fluctuations in the markets or the Middle East elsewhere," said National Grid spokesman David Graves.


Graves said about 1,500 customers this year have converted from oil to gas. He said crews have been so busy, they've had to bring other National Grid employees from outside the state to help out.


"Now we're seeing new customers, brand new customers to National Grid signing on," Graves said.


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