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Direct Vent Fireplace Technology

In today's market whether your looking for a extra heating source or a great looking fireplace, direct vent technology has come a long way. With many different styles of direct vent fireplaces on the market from linear, traditional, contemporary, high efficent, lower efficent and units designed for bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Direct vent fireplaces today are great options for zone heating parts of the home your in predominantly throughout the day and lowering the heat in areas your not in. Most Direct Vent Fireplaces are as efficient as your current heating system (furnance,etc), these fireplaces can be run with wall thermostat or remote with thermostat which will allow constant heat throughout the space you are in. Another trick if your current furnace is forced air, is turning the fan on the furnace and allowing the heat from the fireplace to circulate throughout the home. 

These fireplaces are great for new construction or existing homes and can be put in any room or setting. Direct vent fireplaces can be vented horizontal or vertical so the installation options can be endless. All direct vent fireplaces are glass enclosed with a protective screen and pull all combustible air from the outside of the home;which is great for air tight homes or basements. 

The options are endless and with such a large variety of fireplaces on the market today, your sure to find one to your liking. Many manufactures have options on brick, stone or porcelain interiors, logs, glass, twigs, or stones as the media and a array of door configurations to choose from. Step into one of our showrooms and we would like to show you the advancements of fireplaces on the market today! 

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