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Can I use a Fire Pit Table in the Winter?

Can I use a Fire Pit Table in the Winter?

Wait! Don't put that gas fire pit into storage. So, the snowboarders and ski fanatics are a little bummed with the lack of snow this winter, but why not make the most of the unseasonably warm weather in the Midwest? There is no better way of enjoying this weather than by sitting around a Gas Fire Pit Table. Sure there may be a chill in the air, but with 60,000 BTU's any of our tables will bring warmth and a beautiful glow to your outdoor living room. And because it burns with either natural gas or propane, there is no need to stack and store wood. Just flick a switch and you will have a beautiful, warm glowing fire in seconds. And because it is also a table you can use it to set down food and drinks. 




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