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What You Need to Know About Wood Stove Inserts

What You Need to Know About Wood Stove Inserts

Wood stove inserts are wood burning stoves that mostly fit inside of a fireplace. Most wood stove inserts consist of an outer shell and an inner wall that allows warm air to pass through. Many inserts have a glass door where you insert wood and it allows you to see the fire. Wood stove inserts keep more of the heat from escaping through the chimney as opposed to an open fireplace. The inner wall also provides and extra layer between the fire and the hearth that helps to keep more of the hot air in the space being heated. The glass door can also help to keep heat in the house when there is no fire burning as it creates a seal from the inside to the outside.


Many people who heat their homes with a firewood use wood stove inserts when they have a fireplace. An insert serves several purposes. First of all, they can keep heat from escaping through the fireplace. Wood stove inserts also dramatically raise the heating efficiency of the fireplace, allowing it to spread more heat to a wider area. Fireplaces with wood stove inserts are far cleaner and easier to manage than open fireplaces.


Wood stove inserts make fireplaces more heat efficient. They reduce heat loss through the outside fireplace walls, allowing more of the heat generated to warm up the area intended to be heated. Most wood stove inserts have  a small, unobtrusive electric fan that blows the warm air out into the surrounding area rather than letting it stay in the fireplace. The glass door that covers the fireplace opening can keep reduce drafts that are normally felt with open fireplaces. Also, by keeping the door closed, any smoke or soot can be kept from being blown out onto the area surrounding the fireplace.


Fireplaces with inserts are easier to clean than open fireplaces. The floor of wood stove inserts are flat, allowing people to simply scoop up any ashes or easily sweep them into an ash pan located beneath the insert.


Wood stove inserts make fireplaces much more efficient. Far less heat escapes through the masonry and chimney which keeps more heat in the area being heated. Most modern fireplace inserts are attractively designed in addition to being functional. 



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