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Finding the Best Electric Fireplace for your Home

Finding the Best Electric Fireplace for your Home

If you look online, you will find that there are hundreds upon hundreds of unique electric fireplace models out there. There are many fireplace manufacturers, and many different fireplace styles, designs, and purposes. So, how do you pick the one that is perfect for your home? Electric fireplace heaters are not particularly complicated appliances, but in order to understand what to look for when you shop for a new fireplace, you should understand how they basically work.


Free standing electric fireplaces warm up a room via a fan forced heater, which uses electricity to heat the large coils built inside the portable electric fireplace. The fan portion of this heating system then blows the heat from the coils out of the firebox and into the room. These fans are almost always designed to be very quiet, but just in case, be sure to ask your retailer just how noisy a particular fireplace is before purchasing it. These fans tend to distribute heat uniformly and quickly over a large area, but it is important to note that the heater still has only a localized effect. It may not you’re your ENTIRE house the way a thermostat will.


Generally, a quality electric fireplace heater will produce something in the range of 5000 BTUs of heat, or enough to sufficiently warm a 400 square foot room. They can plug into any standard 120 volt outlet, and are activated merely by flipping a switch (though some models have more advanced controls to give you greater command of the generated heat). As far as the fire illusion is concerned, there are a few options to consider. Some come with a static image, though most modern electrical fireplaces aim for a more realistic representation. Many of the most popular fireboxes have a 3D fire hologram, which looks like a real roaring fire inside the appliance. This is accomplished through an engineered interplay of light and mirrors. Some electric fireplace heaters offer you control over the flame’s appearance, from a soft glow to a full fire.

So when you go shopping for your very own fireplace, make sure you choose one with a high quality heating system and a sufficient amount of BTUs. You have many design options to consider, not just in terms of the firebox but of the false fire image itself. An electric fireplace heater won’t raise your insurance rates, as they are considered “guaranteed safe,” but you should still take care to pick out a firebox with a good warranty. If you are patient and thorough in your research, you will surely find the best electric fireplace for your home.


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