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Get More Heat From Your Fireplace with a Fireback

Firebacks reflect heat from your fire back into your home, making your fireplace more efficient.


Stainless steel firebacks will also reflect light, making your entire room glow from the flickering flames. Available in both mirror finish or matte finish, stainless steel firebacks can give a striking, modern look to your fireplace. They work great with just candles in the warmer months, too.


Cast iron firebacks have been used for centuries to improve the efficiency of fireplaces. They are made of thick, heavy cast iron, which allows them to not only reflect heat, but also retain it and radiate it over time. Cast iron firebacks come in a variety of designs, including both traditional and modern motifs.


Firebacks also protect the rear wall of your fireplace, which is especially good for homeowners with older brickwork and mortar, which is more susceptible to deteriorating.



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