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How to Decorate a Fireplace for the Fall Season!


Using pumpkins to decorate mantels, hearths and fireboxes brings fall color into the home. With its warm, crackly fire and central location within a room, the fireplace is a prime spot for seasonal displays. Pumpkins are a highlight of the fall season, so why not make them the centerpiece of fireplace decorating? To avoid pumpkin overload, choose one or two of these fall decorating ideas. The looks will last through Thanksgiving by using faux pumpkins. Find a variety of beautiful options at arts and crafts stores. However, for a special event or holiday dinner, using real pumpkins can lend a festive feel to the occasion. Of course, for a spooky treat on Halloween night, trade out a pumpkin or two with carved jack-o-lanterns.


Decorating a Mantel with Pumpkins

The basic form of a mantelpiece – flat ledge perpendicular to the wall – makes it ideal for decorating. What better place to show off a bountiful collection of pumpkins for fall? The number and size of pumpkins used here depends on the style of mantel.


Short and plain: Stick with a subdued selection of classic orange pumpkins in nice round shapes.


Grand and ornate: An elaborate assortment that includes interesting colors and varying shapes fits right in.

Whether the pumpkins are simple or fancy might be the toughest choice to make. With this decided, all that is left to do is decorating the mantel. Arrange them with the largest in the center moving down each side with smaller ones. Weave a garland of autumn-hued leaves between them for interest.


Arranging Pumpkins on a Hearth

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a fun fall adventure. Create a miniature version around the fireplace to enjoy every day of the season. This works for raised or flat hearths. Lay green felt or fabric down first. Then take different sized pumpkins and place them in an random arrangement on top. If this looks too haphazard, put the pumpkins in wooden baskets along the hearth for a similar effect.


1. Fill the firebox to the brim with pumpkins of different sizes for a striking arrangement.

2. Create a pumpkin vase by cutting into the top of a pumpkin and scooping out the seeds and pulp. Place a vase inside and fill with autumn flowers. Some crafts stores even sell fake pumpkins ready for carving.



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