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Spring Cleaning and Chimney Inspections ~ A perfect combination

The Benefits of a Springtime Chimney Cleaning

It’s wonderful to enjoy a crackling fire when it’s cold outside.  But after the long winter months are over, it’s nice to give the house a good spring cleaning.  There’s something about being able to enjoy the warm outside air that makes it especially compelling to get indoor spaces freshened up.  But how fresh can your home truly be if the fireplace and chimney haven’t been cleaned since winter?

Spring cleaning has many benefits including:

•    You feel better about your home when the dust and clutter have been removed.
•    You could find something that’s been misplaced, such as an unused gift card.
•    There’s less stress when you go home from work to a clean and uncluttered house.
•    When you aren’t weighed down by a messy house, more creative juices can flow freely.
•    Once the house is in order, rather than wasting time looking for things, you’ll save time because you’ll know just where everything is.
•    When the house looks its best, you feel more inspired to invite friends over for a dinner party or barbeque.

Springtime truly is a good time to get your chimney cleaned, too, and not just to eliminate sour smells.

Four great reasons to get a spring chimney inspection:

1.    It’s easier to schedule a cleaning at a time that’s convenient for you.  Homeowners usually think of chimney maintenance in autumn, when cold weather is around the corner.  Local chimney sweeps are often overbooked during the fall.  Homeowners who clean their chimneys in the spring can enjoy being a special customer of the local professional chimney sweep. The technician will have more time to do a thorough job and will be able to take the time to answer all of your questions.
2.    As mentioned before, getting your fireplace cleaned in springtime will help to eliminate fireplace smells, which get much worse, the warmer the weather is.  A thoroughly clean and swept flue and fireplace make for a cleaner, fresher-smelling home.
3.    You can reduce the possibility of corrosion caused by emissions such as creosote.  When they are left on the flue liner and moisture gets in, the result could be serious damage which requires costly repairs.
4.    It’s possible that your chimney is in need of repair.  It helps to have more time, if you find out that maintenance or repairs will be needed on any of the chimney or fireplace components.  Your professional chimney sweep is qualified to identify any issues which need to be addressed.

For safety reasons, it’s important to get your fireplace, chimney, and vents inspected and cleaned as needed annually, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), whether in springtime or fall.

Did you know that there is no need to worry about cleaning up any type of sooty mess after your chimney has been cleaned by our professional sweeps? Our pros will thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney and fireplace without leaving behind a mess of any kind.

There’s something about spring cleaning a home that just feels great, and it’s even better when the chimney soot has also been removed.

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