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Clever Smoker

The Open Range™ Pit Smoker will handle most outdoor cooking needs for families and is the most popular model. Cleverly designed charcoal unit uses the same concepts of an offset smoker, but it works better. There is a front firebox and grill that has two air intakes and a damper that runs the entire length of the firebox that controls smoke and heat to the smoke-box. There is also an exhaust damper at the top of the smoke-box. It is so easy to use and turns out some of the best barbecue you will ever eat!

You can even grill and smoke at the same time. A model with adjustable charcoal grate is available for better heat control when grilling. Made from 11 and 14 gauge steel, it has two large wheels, a removable ash pan, drip pan and side trays.

The Open Range is the reversible smoker box lid. The smoker box lid hinges on two bolts, which once those bolts are removed with little effort, just reverse the lid and put them back in. This is accomplished in very little time with minimal fuss. Again, the reversible lid comes standard and the only option for you to decide is which configuration works for you. On top of all this, the smoker box lid has a locking mechanism to ensure that your smoker is closed tight and into place.

The Good One Open Range comes standard with high-temp powder-coat paint providing protection, improved durability, and a nice clean finish.

The separate smoking chamber is located above and behind the firebox which is ideal for indirect cooking anything from ribs to brisket without the hot-spots commonly found on side-firebox smokers. How does the Good One avoid those hot-spots? An internal damper runs the entire length the grill so heat and smoke are distributed evenly from the firebox into the upper smoking chamber. The twist-style air intakes on the bottom of the firebox make temperature adjustments simple and repeatable. Best of all, the removable drop-in ash pan and charcoal grate assembly, clean up is a breeze. The Open Range is built for some serious duty, the lids are even made from robust 14-gauge steel!

- Stand alone model available


Overall Dimensions: 36in W x 30in D
Smoking Chamber Area: 332sq in
Direct Grilling Area: 332sq in
Total Cooking area: 996sq in (with optional 2nd smoker grate)
Grill grate size: 30in W x 11in D (3)
Grill Grate Material: Expanded steel
Warranty: 10 YEAR LIMITED

What's Included

1 Grill and smoker assembly
1 Reversible lid assembly
2 Removable smoking chamber grates
1 Drop-in grill grate
1 Drop-in ash pan and charcoal grate assembly
1 2in Good One lid-mounted thermometer
Owner's manual