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Stoll Fireplace Doors > Stoll Bar Iron Arch or Arch Conversion

Custom System
Arch fireplace doors may fit on the outside of the opening, called Overlap Fit. They may also fit inside the opening, called Inside Fit. When installing a new fireplace door that is Inside Fit, we recommend against mortaring the fireplace door into the opening. Instead, it is best to mortar a Stoll mortar form into the opening first. Then attached the fireplace door to the mortar frame with included clamps. This allows the door to be removed for fireplace cleaning or rennovation.

Arched fireplaces vary greatly in shape and design. Stoll accurately replicates the shape of the fireplace using a templating process and CAD controlled laser cutting to ensure a precise fit no matter the arc or size of the fireplace opening.

Conversion System
Converting a rectangle fireplace opening to an arched opening is not an easy endeavor, unless you install an Arch Conversion fireplace door. The main frame of an Arch Conversion door is rectangle in shape, and fits outside (Overlap Fit) or inside (Inside Fit) a rectangle fireplace opening. Then the glass and frame of the hinged door are in an arch shape, making the fire visible through an arched opening.