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Monessen > Universal Vent Free Firebox

Universal Vent Free Firebox

Flexible Installation Options

The BUF line of vent free fireboxes offers a zero clearance design. With a true 36- or 42-inch brick-to-brick opening, this series is a versatile vent free option for any design application. The refactory firebrick gives it a classic masonry look while the radiant face design includes air ducts for an optional blower.


Design Advantage                                            Flexible installation and neutral design
CSA design certified                                         Yes
Zero clearance design                                     Yes
Gas knock out                                                   Yes
Curtain mesh screen                                       Yes 
Fireplace opening                                            36", 42"
Face design                                                      Circulating/Radiant
Corner/wall cabinet compatible                   Yes

Optional Accessories

Outside Air Kit


Model Number



Fire Viewing Area

36" W x 21-1⁄2" H

42" W x 21-1⁄2" H

Hearth Dimensions

35-1⁄2" FW x 20-3⁄8" RW x 21-1⁄2" H x 17" D

41-1⁄2" FW x 26-3⁄8" RW x 21-1⁄2" H x 17" D

Framing Dimensions

40-1⁄4" W x 34-1⁄4" H x 20-3⁄4" D

46-1⁄4" W x 34-1⁄4" H x 20-3⁄4" D

FW= Front Width RW= Rear Width FH= Front Height RH= Rear Height