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Reclaimed Beauty

The Story

Fireplace & Chimney Authority is proud to carry one of the premier lines of reclaimed wood mantel shelves. After discovering that very few vendors actually know the background of their reclaimed wood, our manufacturer strives to repurpose the wood and tell its story. As consumers, we can go to a farmers market and meet the farmer who plants the seed, tends to the crop, and sells it at market. So, why shouldn't we have this connection to the reclaimed wood that will become the centerpiece of our hearth? 

Our manufacturer dismantles the barns with care, transports it back to their warehouse, processes the wood for production, and creates long lasting, unique pieces. At the same time, they gather the history of the farm and the barn. In most cases, a rich history resides behind the wood and now it's your turn to write a new chapter for a product that already holds a great story.

The Product

Fireplace & Chimney authority is proud to carry fireplace mantel shelves with such a unique history behind them. Each of our showrooms has a selection of individually styled mantel shelves that are sure to become the focus of your hearth, an incredible conversation starter and a perfect accent to your home decor.


Stop by one of our showrooms today to find a distinctive and historic mantel shelf to call your own!