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Double Drawer

The Double Enclosed Drawers radiates a sleek design that complement Firemagic grills. This storage compartment accessorizes and brings richness to your outside oasis while providing an efficient way to store your grilling accessories. 


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Flush Mounted
- Cut-out: 16”h x 14½”w x 20½”d
- Double drawers
- Heavy-duty handles with cast stainless steel mounts
- Filled with polyurethane foam for insulation and a solid feel
- A continuous rain guard protects from water getting into your custom enclosure
- Compatible with Firemagic Echelon and Aurora Grills
- Model #: 53802
- Cut-out: 16”h x 14½”w x 20½”d
- Double drawers
- Outside mounting, double wall and square edge contraction
- Slim tubular stainless steel handle
- Compatible with Firemagic Legacy and Choice Grills
- Model #: 33802


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